Fresh waiting area and milking parlors? With Breezair you can!

During the summer period, it is as important to cool the waiting area and milking parlor as it is to cool everything else in the barn.

Lowering the temperature in these areas improves the quality of life for cattle and the operators working within them and ensures that the milking phase is not an additional stressor.

Our Breezair cooling system offers other important advantages:

  • Cooler and healthier environments
  • Frequent total air changes, less ammonia and fewer insects
  • No drop in milk production during the summer period
  • Successful fertilizations even in summer
  • Savings in water use, dry animals
  • Ingestion and rumination time remain unchanged from cooler seasons

What about you, do you want to find out the benefits of this system?

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Don’t wait for the heat, play ahead with Breezair!

Summer and hot weather are approaching, notoriously a stressful time for animals. Our BREEZAIR cooling system offers multiple benefits:

Cooler and healthier environments, benefiting both cattle and operators
Frequent total air changes, less ammonia and fewer insects
– no decrease in milk production during the summer period
– successful fertilizations even in summer
– saving in water use, dry animals
– ingestion and rumination time remain unchanged from cooler seasons

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Watch the video interview with Az. Agricola Giberti:


Constant production and fecundity during summer? With Breezair you can!

During the summer, maintaining stable production and ensuring animal fertility can be a challenge for farmers.

However, with the use of BREEZAIR coolers, many of them have achieved amazing results. It has been confirmed that with the proper use of coolers, milk production remains unchanged even in the summer months. Cattle fecundity also remains constant throughout the 12 months of the year due to lower barn temperatures and the resulting decrease in heat stress.

A more comfortable environment for the animals is also very important for keeping feeding habits and rumination time unchanged.

There are not only benefits for the animals but also for the people working in the barn because they can find cooler conditions and better air circulation. Heat is no longer a threat .

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With Breezair you cool without wetting the animals and eliminate water waste

With our innovative Breezair coolers, you can say goodbye to unnecessary water waste and embrace an eco-friendly approach to environmental comfort. Not only do you respect the environment, but you also provide ahealthier atmosphere for animals and operators.

One of the distinctive advantages of our Breezair coolers is that animals do not get wet. This means that you not only reduce their stress due to moisture and water contact, but also improve their overall well-being.

The heat of the coming months should no longer be a cause for concern. Thanks to the advanced technology of our coolers, you can maintain a cool and comfortable environment, regardless of outside temperatures.

Not surprisingly, many farmers, after using our coolers for several years, would not go back. They themselves have experienced the many benefits of this system and can no longer do without it.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to begin your journey to more efficient, sustainable and comfortable farming.

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Animal welfare, healthy environments and stables. Ecofarm presents Breezair technology

Meeting with a group of ranchers in Gavignano, in the province of Rome, for Ecofarm Storti. An evening of information about Breezair technology and all the benefits of natural air conditioning and air exchange in the barn.

Speaking on all this was Enrico Storti, of Ecofarm, who guided the farmers through a journey that touched on several aspects. The focus has been on animal welfare, healthy environments and stables. Achievable goals thanks to Breezair technology. Natural barn air conditioning, increased air changes, and increased oxygen in the barn are three key points to achieve healthy livestock environments and thus greater animal welfare.

For the evening Ecofarm would like to thank Sandro Rossetti for his organization.

sergio giberti azienda agricola

Az. Agr. Giberti, milk from Parmigiano Reggiano: cows cool in summer with Breezair

Sergio Giberti on his farm has been producing milk for Parmigiano Reggiano for about 50 years. Its dairy cows are housed in buildings that originally provided fixed housing, but over time have been converted to loose housing.

Among the company’s priorities are those concerning animal welfare and care: it is clear from Giberti’s words that welfare leads to better management of the barn and multiple benefits, both for the barn’s economy and the environmental impact of the business.

One of the interventions that touches on both of these topics was the installation, in the 2019, of a water- and energy-efficient cooling system such as Breezair, which was then followed by an additional investment to Also cool the milking parlor, waiting area, and barn for dry runs and rehousing.

The results measured during these last 4 summers are as follows:

  • constant milk production even during the summer period, with qualitatively unaltered properties compared to winter milk: reduced fluctuations and drop in production due to heat stress virtually eliminated.
  • During warmer periods there are no major declines in feed ingestion with noticeable effects on the performance of all animals, growth in replacement, fertility, productivity and herd health.
  • Ability to fertilize even in the summer period: dairy cows, under less stress, continue to ovulate, and inseminations lead to positive results in many cases. Many breeders without an effective cooling system testify to us that they have decided to stop proceeding with inseminations during the summer because they are always useless and inconclusive.
  • A few years after the installation of Breezair one can also begin to see positive effects on the health of the animals in production, as they do not suffer severe losses due to heat stress they remain healthier and longer-lived, thus saving the farmer money on the cost of rehousing.
  • The fact that the animals are well and there are far fewer problems in the barn, especially in the summer, allows the farmer to have the time to also calmly manage haymaking, which is essential for those working in the Parmigiano Reggiano area.
  • Well-being not only for the cows, but also for the operators working in the barn: the rooms are uniformly cooled, benefiting everyone housed there.

The Ecofarm Breezair System allows for lowering the indoor temperature, facilitating constant air exchange, and significant savings in water consumption compared to heavy-drip systems: the amount of water used is about 1-fifth, resulting in reduced slurry production and less impact on animal disease because the housing environment remains dry.

Below is a brief interview with Sergio Giberti, who will explain what his experience with Ecofarm Breezair has been like.

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Parmesan cheese: the Az. Agr. Palmieri with Breezair solved summer heat stress.

Fabio Palmieri, of Palmieri F.C. Farm, welcomed us to his barn to gather his testimony regarding the use ofEcofarm Breezair coolers during thesummer period.

What immediately strikes you when you enter the barn is the order, cleanliness and beauty of the cows: you breathe the air of an environment cared for with passion and devotion.

The farm has been engaged in dairy cow and milk production for Parmigiano Reggiano for 3 generations now. Fabio Palmieri in particular specializes in reproduction and insemination, and the topic of animal welfare involves him greatly.

Since installing Breezair last year, he testifies that he has immediately experienced excellent benefits:

  • in addition to milk production unchanged in quantity and quality during the summer period, he says the animals are physically better off.
  • Ingestion is good even during hot weather and constant rumination, it is evident that animals in the cooled barn are well and therefore make what they eat “yield” in terms of production
  • The cows continued to “cycle” even in the summer, so it was possible to proceed with inseminations and not have to interrupt them during the summer period.
  • Operators moving around the barn in the summer also benefited from the cooling produced by Breezair (up to 7°C difference from the outside temperature): working in the cooler weather is more pleasant!
  • In somewhat smaller and older barns, the Breezair system has proven to be the best because it is the least invasive in terms of structure and space, plus it is the most suitable for cows in fixed housing.

The Breezair system installed at the Palmieri company is Controllable via personal computer thanks to the 4.0 kit provided on request by Ecofarm: The user has real-time weather conditions of the barn regarding temperature and humidity and can check them on the THI table to measure the welfare of cows in the barn.

Below is an interview with Fabio Palmieri, who is preparing to face the heat of summer 2023 with more serenity than in years past.

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Breezair evaporative coolers: animal welfare as a priority of Soc. Agr. Sorticelle Roe

Animal husbandry is an activity that requires a great deal of care and attention, especially with regard to animal welfare. The Capriolo Sorticelle agricultural company, under the leadership of manager Roberto Martinelli, decided to use Breezair evaporative coolers to improve the lives of its fattening cows and reduce operating costs.

The decision to adopt Breezair evaporative coolers proved successful in both summer and winter, deliberately placed in the arrival area of the resting heifers. During the hot season, the system provided effective cooling of the rooms, improving animal welfare. During the winter, the system maintained adequate air circulation, preventing the occurrence of viral diseases among the cows.

In addition to the animal welfare benefits, the adoption of Breezair evaporative coolers has also resulted in significant savings. Through the system, the farm has seen a decrease in veterinary treatment costs, working on a better environment for the animals and ensuring their increased welfare.

Roberto Martinelli stresses the importance of caring for animals individually, without treating them en masse. This approach has resulted in improved quality of life for the animals and energy efficiency, as well as a better quality product.

The adoption of innovative solutions such as Breezair evaporative coolers is a step toward more sustainableagriculture. The Sorticelle Roe Farm Society demonstrates how it is possible to reconcile animal care and environmental protection with reduced water use.

Roberto Martinelli’s advice is to adopt the Breezair evaporative cooler system without question, because the benefits are tangible and the system pays for itself in a short time. This choice represents an investment in the future of the farm, ensuring environmental sustainability and quality of life for the animals.