The advantages of usingozone in irrigation systems

The better the water quality, the better the productivity will be.

A practical and effective solution to limit the use of chemicals and increase the healthiness of crops.


Disinfection of irrigation water

The presence of high bacterial load and fungi are the main sources of problems within the agricultural process. Healthy and proper containment of these microorganisms allows for significant improvement in all areas of agriculture.

One of the main causes of disease proliferation is the contamination of irrigation water used in crop production.

It is essential to preserve plant health through proper disinfection of irrigation water, and this, is possible through the use of a powerful disinfectant, ozone.

Ozone incorporated into the production process makes it possible to limit the use of chemicals and increase production efficiency.


Why choose ozone?

  • It has a very high biocidal effect
  • It is a strong oxidant and also acts against organic components and water contaminants (e.g., pesticides)
  • Removes biofilm in water
  • Sanitizes and sterilizes water up to the point of use to prevent the water from being a source of contamination and bacterial
  • When released into the environment, it breaks down odors and makes theenvironment healthier
  • Does not release any residue in water
  • It does not release any chemical residue because ozone when it ends its effect decomposes into oxygen
  • It does not give resistance and therefore can be used for a long time without the risk of creating resistance

BIO Agriculture | ZERO Residue

At present, the use of ozone in organic farming and biodynamic agriculture is not regulated. In our experience, however, its use has been found to have an effective preventive action, better than any treatment adopted in the acute phase . Once its effectiveness as a disinfectant has ended,ozone spontaneouslyconverts back to oxygen, leaving no residue either on the crop, the soil, or the water.

Ecofarm Stories

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“The goal is to give a product that is healthy and of optimal quality to facilitate the transplanting of seedlings with machines and allow very fast rooting!
Massimo Marconi
, ofMarconi Nurseries, was able to achieve his goal through the use of ozone in the irrigation system. The positive results are concrete thanks to the technology deployed by Ecofarm.

Stefano and Mirko Aldà Farm has chosen to use ozone in their irrigation system to improve arugula and basil production.

Ozone is a new and sustainable tool that has no impact on the environment and can be used in irrigation systems and foliar treatments. Ecofarm’s biotechnologist,
Giorgio Zaffani
, explains what are the advantages of using ozone in the agricultural world.


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