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Ecofarm was born from the national and international experience of the staff of parent company Storti Spa, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery.
The continuous confrontation with the livestock world in the first place has led us to search for innovative solutions for improving farm profitability and food wholesomeness of the finished product (milk, derivatives, meat…).
In recent years, this approach has found excellent results in horticulture, open field agriculture and fruit growing.
Promoting useful solutions to concretely enhance the value of agricultural products will enable the entire supply chain to act as a united front toward the end consumer to safeguard our efforts.

Discover the benefits to the world
of agriculture and animal husbandry


Natural technology:

serving the agribusiness chain

The product range selected by Ecofarm experts enables enormous benefits in agriculture, horticulture and fruit growing. The results can be seen during different stages of processes in agribusiness:

  • healthier irrigation water
  • purer air
  • Less use of fertilizers and chemical additives
  • Increased crop resistance to pathogens and adverse events
  • most suitable environments for processing and storage of the finished product.

Technology that fuels quality:
Ecofarm and


The product range selected by Ecofarm experts enables enormous benefits in all areas of animal husbandry: cattle, swine, sheep, poultry.

  • better drinking water
  • purer air
  • Less use of antibiotics and veterinary treatments make animals grow healthy and more robust
  • Odor abatement, active and passive cooling improve animal welfare in their living environments
  • More carefully stored food, safe from mold and secondary fermentation, provides a healthy meal for healthy animals, with higher yields for livestock (image reference products: ozone generators, scalewatcher, breezair, agricool, orkel)
  • all with an eye on the environment, thanks to investments in human resources, research and studies made over the years by Ecofarm.


In our product range we have the best to build your biogas plant or to help you maximize the yield of your photovoltaic system.


We want to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world with an active role in the agriculture and livestock supply chain.


We aim to be an innovative player in the food supply chain, with a customized approach to each individual client and rooted with scientific studies. Our technologies and their applications arise from continuous research with the goal of bringing process benefits to farms and ranches. We respect nature and the world around us by creating healthy environments with a focus on biosafety, a crucial factor in protecting plant and animal health. The creation of your value starts right here: from increased welfare of your crops and livestock.


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