Ecofarm Breezair: the solution to heat stress

With the arrival of the summer season, temperatures are bound to rise.

Therefore, it becomes important to plan interventions to minimize heat stress in dairy cattle herds as much as possible. Increases in ambient temperature and relative air humidity increase the water requirements of cattle, which in parallel tend to reduce feed consumption in the goal of limiting heat stress. Lower ingestion coupled with increased thermoregulation expenditure takes energy and nutrients away from milk synthesis, resulting in a significant drop in production.


When and where does heat stress occur?

Among the most stressful moments that the dairy cow faces are definitely the passages in the waiting room and milking parlor.

The waiting room is usually a not-very-spacious, humid area with limited air circulation that is often overcrowded with cows anxious to be relieved of their milk load. This area, along with the milking parlor are often carved out of already very hot buildings and are a factor for the cows that further amplifies their heat stress status.

Among the sources of stress in the waiting room:

  • limited spaces see cows herded on top of each other in the goal of anticipating entry into the milking parlor, creating tensions between dominant and subordinate subjects
  • a very humid and often very noisy environment because of the fans. In fact, to relieve heat, animals are often bathed with water showers and then dried by forced-ventilation systems
  • the accumulation of water and moisture and droppings creates ideal conditions for the proliferation of potentially pathogenic environmental microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.)
  • The slippery floor combined with the heavy crowd makes it treacherous for animals to proceed

How can this be solved?

The Ecofarm Breezair evaporative cooler, distributed in partnership with Italkero, can be an interesting solution to this type of problem. In fact, thanks to its innovative technology, it is able to significantly decrease temperatures in the waiting and milking parlors.

Ecofarm Breezair:

  • Can be easily installed in the waiting room and milking parlor due to its ease of installation
  • Does not increase relative humidity in the air and residual water to be disposed of
  • Has much lower water consumption than gargoyles or sprinklers, reducing the volume of sewage produced in these areas
  • Is controlled by sensors that activate its operation only under critical conditions of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Has very limited electricity consumption

What are the advantages?

  • Containment of heat stress through reduction of ambient heat and relative humidity
  • Improved animal welfare, with positive effects on the cow’s immune defenses in favor of milk production and quality (somatic cell count) and reproductive performance
  • Less exposure of the animal to unhealthy wet and humid environments, such as in situations where cooling is provided by showerheads or sprinklers
  • Reduced resource consumption, as the system operates with minimal consumption of water and electricity

Why choose the Ecofarm Breezair solution?

With a small investment, it is possible to provide animals with great relief through a significant decrease in heat stress. The increased well-being will strengthen immune defenses, supporting production and increasing the likelihood of successful fertilization interventions.


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