Don’t wait for the heat, play ahead with Breezair!

Summer and hot weather are approaching, notoriously a stressful time for animals. Our BREEZAIR cooling system offers multiple benefits:

Cooler and healthier environments, benefiting both cattle and operators
Frequent total air changes, less ammonia and fewer insects
– no decrease in milk production during the summer period
– successful fertilizations even in summer
– saving in water use, dry animals
– ingestion and rumination time remain unchanged from cooler seasons

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Watch the video interview with Az. Agricola Giberti:


Constant production and fecundity during summer? With Breezair you can!

During the summer, maintaining stable production and ensuring animal fertility can be a challenge for farmers.

However, with the use of BREEZAIR coolers, many of them have achieved amazing results. It has been confirmed that with the proper use of coolers, milk production remains unchanged even in the summer months. Cattle fecundity also remains constant throughout the 12 months of the year due to lower barn temperatures and the resulting decrease in heat stress.

A more comfortable environment for the animals is also very important for keeping feeding habits and rumination time unchanged.

There are not only benefits for the animals but also for the people working in the barn because they can find cooler conditions and better air circulation. Heat is no longer a threat .

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Ecofarm at Fieragricola TECH. Verona showcases innovation in agriculture and animal husbandry

Wednesday , Feb. 1 and Thursday, Feb. 2 appointment in Verona for Fieragricola TECH 2023, Fieragricola’s vertical event dedicated to innovation.

Two days of in-depth discussions, training and business meetings for industry professionals, during which Ecofarm will present the best in technology for agriculture and animal husbandry.

What technologies will be presented?


Palaexpo – Stand H2

In the livestock sector, Ecofarm Breezair makes it possible to improve animal welfare.
During the summer season, it is effective in reducing heat stress in dairy cattle barns, waiting or milking parlors, and pig farms. Last year Ecofarm Breezair won a silver leaf for its innovative scope in the fourth edition of “Fieragricola Innovation Award 2022.”

The Ecofarm Breezair evaporative cooler is an easy-to-install system and reduces water and electricity consumption with its smart technology.

ORKEL – High Intensity Balls

Palaexpo – Stand H2

Is it possible to maintain the organoleptic qualities of forages for a long time while retaining all their nutritional properties?

Indeed! The solution is Orkel’s High Density Balloons, which can store product ‘in a vacuum’ and thus improve animal health and farm profitability.


Palaexpo – Booth C2

Increasingly strategic in agriculture is the use ofozone, a natural ally for:

-disinfection of irrigation water in crops.
In fact, it improves water quality and business productivity.
Ozone is an effective, environmentally sustainable and safe choice for limiting the use of chemicals and increasing the healthiness of crops; it does not release any residues into water and does not give resistance!

– Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables
The use of ozone in storage cells solves the problem of handling fruits and vegetables.

Come and find out more at our booths, you will find us at PALAEXPO:

Booth H2 – Ecofarm Breezair and Orkel: high-density bale.
Booth C2 – Ozone in Agriculture


Ecofarm among winners of Fieragricola 2022 innovation award

A committee of experts awarded the “Leaves of Innovation,” the prizes for the fourth edition of “Fieragricola Innovation Award 2022.”

The initiative is promoted by Veronafiere, in collaboration with Edizioni L’Informatore Agrario, to highlight the most cutting-edge technologies developed in the agricultural sector.

We are happy to announce that the Breezair cooler has won a silver leaf for its innovative scope.

The award ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 2, at 1:30 p.m. during Fieragricola 2022. Sara Quotti Tubi, event manager of Fieragricola, presented the award to Enrico Storti, project manager of Ecofarm Storti and Silvano Rossi, Italy sales director of Italkero .

The commission awarded the prizes to the most original technologies, which also stand out for their contribution to environmental and economic sustainability, improved product quality and functionality from the end user’s point of view.

Breezair evaporative coolers, distributed by Ecofarm in collaboration with Italkero, are active and natural temperature abatement devices that deliver cooler, cleaner air into the room. Even during the winter period, important air changes can be ensured.

Breezair significantly improves environmental conditions in animal husbandry, with numerous benefits on animal welfare.

Come discover Ecofarm technology at Fieragricola 2022, apply now for your free admission to attend!

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    Discovering Ecofarm technologies for agriculture and animal husbandry during Fieragricola 2022

    From March 2 to 5, meet in attendance at Fieragricola in Verona to learn more about innovations in agriculture and animal husbandry.

    Apply now for your free personal invitation to visit us during Fieragricola 2022:

      Ecofarm will be there to showcase its excellence to all visitors, in a fair that is increasingly smart and projected into the future, towards digital solutions and innovative technologies, increasingly attentive to production resources, environmental factors andeco-sustainability.

      Ecofarm will exhibit its Ecofarm Breezair technology, used in animal husbandry to reduce heat stress in stables. An effective solution to improve the welfare, during hot seasons, of dairy cows in waiting or milking parlors and on pig farms.

      The Ecofarm Breezair evaporative cooler is easy to install and reduces water and electricity consumption with its smart technology.

      Joining Ecofarm at Fieragricola will be Orkel to present High Density Balloons, an innovative method of maintaining the organoleptic qualities of forages for a long time, which thus retain all their nutritional properties. A properly stored ‘vacuum’ product improves your animals’ health and farm profitability.

      At the fair, Ecofarm will also present solutions based onozone in agriculture, a valuable ally for:

      disinfection of irrigation water in crops
      The better the water quality, the better the productivity.
      Ozone is a practical and effective solution for limiting the use of chemicals and increasing the healthiness of crops, and it does not release any residue in water or give resistance!

      Solving the problem of handling fruit and vegetable products
      The use of ozone in storage cells becomes strategic to extend storage time.

      Come and find out more at our booths from March 2 to 5, you will find us here:
      Hall 9, Stand D6 – Animal husbandry: dairy cattle
      Hall 7, Booth A7 – Ozone in Agriculture.
      Hall 11, Stand D5 – Animal husbandry: pigs

      saggiorato orkel ecofarm balloni agricoltura

      Andrea and Marco of the Toaiar Saggiorato Agricultural Society talk about the advantages of Orkel technology

      The Toaiar Saggiorato Agricultural Society has won a very interesting bet by partnering with Ecofarm. Already active for generations in the production and sale of fodder and silage, since 2018 the Saggiorato brothers have chosen to adopt Orkel technology for the production of high-density bales, thus becoming contractors for their livestock farming customers.

      This state-of-the-art technology, made available by Ecofarm, enables thepackaging of silage products intended for animal feed on livestock farms at a density up to 40 percent higher than an optimal traditional trench.

      As Andrea and Marco Saggiorato also told us firsthand, the benefits of this system are so many that it has been an immediate success with breeders, who are now increasingly requesting it. There are also many contractors in various parts of Italy that offer this type of service for packaging products for livestock and industrial use.

      For example, this packaging process avoids undesirable fermentation phenomena due to the presence of air, such as mold development.

      This results in better preservation of the silage, which, in terms of its quality and freshness, is comparable to a freshly harvested product, according to the Saggiorato brothers.

      In short, qualitatively better nutrition for farm animals that leads to an increase in their welfare.

      But the benefits do not end there: Andrea and Marco Saggiorato told us about them in detail in the interview below.

      Ecofarm experts are at your disposal, for any useful information please contact us!

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      The 93rd edition of the Italian Agricultural Livestock Fair is just around the corner

      New event just around the corner. From Nov. 5-7, Ecofarm will participate in the 93rd edition of the Italian Livestock Agricultural Fair in Montichiari.

      A comprehensive overview of the agricultural sector, with innovative themes and content, at the exhibition center. And new technologies applied to agriculture and animal husbandry, for up-to-date and increasingly efficient agricultural enterprises.

      An opportunity to see our flagship products up close. First up is AcquaSana Scalewatcher, the innovative system that protects the water system from limescale, bacteria, and biofilm. An electronic unit that creates a magnetic field that can remove scale, sanitize water and say goodbye to periodic treatments forever.

      Then there will be Orkel technology, for ‘vacuum’ bales . A new way to better preserve corn mash, shredded alfalfa and triticale, while maintaining the organoleptic qualities of the products for a long time, thus preserving all their nutritional properties.

      Finally, the Ecofarm Breezair evaporative cooler, evaporative air conditioning to reduce heat stress in barns, and particularly in milking parlors. A system capable of 100% air filtration, eliminating odors and fumes.

      We look forward to seeing you in Hall 5!

      News Ecofarm EIMA

      At EIMA, the best of Ecofarm technology for Livestock and Agriculture

      Ready to drop a trio of aces. From Oct. 19-23, Ecofarm will be present at EIMA International, the international agricultural and gardening machinery exhibition in Bologna, Italy.

      Apply now for your personal invitation to EIMA International:

        The biennial show, promoted since 1969 by FederUnacoma, attracts manufacturing industries from every continent, ready to bring the industry’s cutting-edge technologies to market.

        An opportunity to show the world Ecofarm excellence applied to Animal Husbandry and Agriculture. From the Ecofarm Breezair evaporative cooler, to reduce heat stress in barns, and particularly in milking parlors, toOzone, a natural solution to extend storage time while reducing the use of pesticides or fertilizers during the agricultural process.

        Last among the proposed innovations are ‘vacuum’ bales, to better store corn mash, shredded alfalfa and triticale. An innovative method to maintain the organoleptic qualities of products for a long time, so they retain all their nutritional properties. A system that preserves a high quality product, for the welfare of the animals and to naturally improve their productivity.

        The appointment is in attendance. We look forward to seeing you in Hall 37, booth C16 bis!

        News Macfrut_Ecofarm

        Ecofarm attends Macfrut: an opportunity for experts and customers in a market on the rise

        Ecofarm will be featured at Macfrut 2021, the exhibition dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector.

        The date is set for Sept. 7-8-9, in attendance, at the Rimini Fair. For this new edition, Macfrut 2021 promises great news for a dynamic and evolving market that is increasingly relying on innovation and new technologies. A sharply growing sector, ready for the Green Deal, the green transition, demonstrating its ability to be a driving force for the entire agri-food system by virtue of change as well. In Italy, 28 percent of domestic fruit and vegetable enterprises engage in organic and 36 percent in integrated production, and 71 percent use water-saving facilities and 33 percent produce renewable energy. A step change on the part of the industry and one in which Ecofarm can have a say.

        Over the years, continuous comparison with world markets has driven Ecofarm and its professionals to continually seek solutions, increasingly innovative, to improve profitability and competitiveness in the industry. Today, Ecofarm, has so much experience in the use of ozone in horticulture, agriculture and animal husbandry that it is considered among the leading experts in the field. It is precisely this purpose that prompted Ecofarm to participate in Macfrut: it will be an excellent opportunity not only to present howozone is used, but also its enormous benefits witnessed by the experience of many customers who already adopt it.

        Ecofarm awaits you at PAD. 3 – STAND 94