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Andrea and Marco of the Toaiar Saggiorato Agricultural Society talk about the advantages of Orkel technology

The Toaiar Saggiorato Agricultural Society has won a very interesting bet by partnering with Ecofarm. Already active for generations in the production and sale of fodder and silage, since 2018 the Saggiorato brothers have chosen to adopt Orkel technology for the production of high-density bales, thus becoming contractors for their livestock farming customers.

This state-of-the-art technology, made available by Ecofarm, enables thepackaging of silage products intended for animal feed on livestock farms at a density up to 40 percent higher than an optimal traditional trench.

As Andrea and Marco Saggiorato also told us firsthand, the benefits of this system are so many that it has been an immediate success with breeders, who are now increasingly requesting it. There are also many contractors in various parts of Italy that offer this type of service for packaging products for livestock and industrial use.

For example, this packaging process avoids undesirable fermentation phenomena due to the presence of air, such as mold development.

This results in better preservation of the silage, which, in terms of its quality and freshness, is comparable to a freshly harvested product, according to the Saggiorato brothers.

In short, qualitatively better nutrition for farm animals that leads to an increase in their welfare.

But the benefits do not end there: Andrea and Marco Saggiorato told us about them in detail in the interview below.

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